Ford Barker Piano Studio

About Ford

Ford has pursued two different career paths. The first was as Research Scientist and then the second as a Pianist. His career as a Research Scientist began after graduation from Queen's University with B.Sc. in Life Sciences. After graduation, Ford relocated to Toronto and joined the staff at the University of Toronto. During this time spanning fifteen years, he worked with an internationally acclaimed scientist in the field of Pharmacology. He co-authored twelve scientific papers. While doing well in the field he felt a need for change. He decided to pursue his lifelong passion for music.

Early Musical Life

Ford's musical studies began at an early age. He started formal piano lessons at age 6 which continued throughout his childhood. In high school, he had a very active musical life. In addition to the piano lessons he also took private saxophone lessons, he performed in the School Band, in a Jazz Ensemble, and in a Sax Quartet. Furthermore, he won awards competing in Music Festivals. While attending Queen's University, Ford continued to be musically active despite the heavy academic demands. To keep active, he sang in the Queen's Choral Ensemble and participated in Inter-varsity Choral Festivals. 

Piano Teaching Career

During the years he worked at U of T he also pursued his advanced piano studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Ford graduated from RCM and currently holds an ARCT in piano pedagogy. He is RCM Certified Teacher and qualifies as an Advanced Piano Specialist. He is also a Registered Music Teacher (RMT) and is an active member of the Central Toronto Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher's Association (ORMTA). Ford held a position of leadership on the executive of the Central Toronto Branch for several years. The RMT designation is described in more detail below. Ford has accumulated over 25 years of piano teaching experience. He maintains a busy teaching practice. Furthermore, believing a true teacher is also a student, his musical studies are ongoing.


What is a Registered Music Teacher (RMT)

Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations (CFMTA)

To be a member of the Association, one must hold a degree or diploma from a recognized university or conservatory or meet the necessary qualifications set by the registering province, thus ensuring a high level of training and a commitment to professionalism.

The Registered Music Teachers’ Association is a Canada-wide federation of private music teachers encompassing ten provinces, with over 3200 members. A Registered Music Teacher is a member of the provincial association, which is affiliated with the national association, the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Associations (CFMTA).

The aim of CFMTA is to encourage and provide the highest caliber of music education possible and to promote high standards of music in each community.

Benefits of Study with a Registered Music Teacher

  1. Assurance of qualified knowledgeable instruction.
  2. Opportunities for performance at Music Festivals, Examinations, Public and Studio Recitals, Master Classes. Canada Music Week Celebrations, and National and Provincial Student Competitions.
  3. Opportunities for students to receive scholarships, both in practical and theoretical subjects
  4. Opportunities for advanced students to develop the applied pedagogical knowledge and experience needed to obtain a Teachers, Associate Diploma